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Veterans Services

Certification Policies

There are many different benefits available to active duty and veteran students. For detailed questions or assistance, give our office a call. Students using VA benefits need to submit the following items to the Minot State Veteran Center Office, Dakota Hall:

•    Copy of the application of the benefit you applied for. Ex. 22-1990, 22-1990e, 
      and 22-5490

•    Copy of DD214, Kicker Contract, and NOBE

•    Certificate of Eligibility (this will be given to you by the VA once your application
      is approved)

Keep in mind that processing the certification can take the VA some time. Because of this, we will put a veteran’s extension on your student account to avoid any late fees.

Some students depend on using federal financial aid (Pell grants, loans, etc.) for living assistance. Federal law mandates that financial aid must be applied to your account if there is a balance, and federal financial aid will disburse before your VA benefits typically do. This puts some students in a difficult financial situation.

Please call our office before the start of the term if you are dependent on those funds for expenses other than tuition and fees, and we will certify your benefits earlier. You must be enrolled in classes and let us know at least a month in advance for time to process your benefits before the start of term.


Repeat Courses-Students may not be certified for a repeated course if the original grade was a "D" or higher, unless a higher grade is specifically required for graduation. The VA will not pay for a student to repeat a "D" grade to simply improve their GPA. Students may be certified one time to repeat a course for which they have received an "F". Please contact the VA certifying official if you are planning to repeat a course.

Audited Courses-You cannot be certified for benefits for an audited course.

Part-Term Courses-The VA will count a part-term course toward your enrollment status only while that course is actually in session.

Incomplete Grades-If an "I" grade is not completed within 30 instructional days into the following semester, the VA will deduct those credits from your enrollment status for that term and an overpayment situation may occur.

Satisfactory Progress-Students who fail to maintain satisfactory academic progress and to make progress toward the completion of their educational objectives will be reported to the VA for unsatisfactory progress. These students may have their VA benefits suspended. [VA Education Home Page]

Developmental Courses
The State Board of Higher Education has implemented a new policy under Academic Affairs regarding Admission Policies - Student Placement into College Courses (policy 401.1.2). Two sections of this policy impact Mathematics and English requirements for students and are effective for all new and returning students Fall 2012. Current students do not need to meet these requirements and should follow previous placement guidelines.

English Requirements
Placement into English courses is based on ACT English or SAT Writing subtest scores. Students with an ACT English subscore of 13 or less are required to enroll in Academic Skills (ASC) 87, College Writing Prep, which is a 3-credit course offered through Dakota College at Bottineau (DCB) before enrolling in ENGL 110. Students with an ACT English subscore of 14-17 can enroll in ENGL 110, College Composition I, through MSU; however, they must co-enroll in ASC 88, Composition Lab, which is a 1-credit course offered through DCB. Students with an ACT English subscore of 18+ or SAT writing subscore of 430+ are eligible to enroll in ENGL 110 through MSU. The following chart shows the required courses for each of the ACT English and SAT writing subtest scores.

ACT EnglishSAT WritingRequired Course(s)
13 or less Less than 430 ASC 87 (taken through DCB)
14-17 NA ASC 88 and ENGL 110 (ASC taken through DCB)
18+ 430 or higher ENGL 110

Mathematics Requirements
Placement into mathematics courses is based on ACT or SAT Math subtest scores. Students with an ACT math subscore of 17 or less or SAT math subscore of less than 400 are required to enroll in ASC 92, Beginning Algebra, which is a 3-credit course offered through Dakota College at Bottineau (DCB). Students with an ACT math subscore of 18-21 or SAT math subscore of 400-510 are required to enroll in MATH 102, Intermediate Algebra, which is a 4 credit course offered through MSU. Please refer to the attached Math Placement Guidelines Chart for additional placement requirements for all other mathematics courses. The following chart shows the required developmental courses for each of the ACT and SAT math subtest scores.

ACT MathSAT MathRequired Course(s)
17 or less Less than 400 ASC 92 (taken through DCB)
18-21 400 - 510 MATH 102
22+ 520 or higher Refer to Math Placement Guidelines Chart

What advisors should know about developmental courses - ASC 87, 88, 92 & MATH 102

  • ASC courses are offered on the Minot State University campus through Dakota College at Bottineau
    • Students must complete necessary paperwork/requirements to enroll through DCB as a collaborative student
  • MATH 102 is offered through Minot State University
  • Required as prerequisites for ENGL 110 & MATH 103/104/240/201H
  • Grade of "C" or higher is required
  • Do not count as credit toward graduation
  • Do not impact college GPA
  • Qualify for Financial Aid

The COMPASS exam will be used to place students who have not taken the ACT or SAT into the appropriate mathematics and English courses. The COMPASS exam will also be used for students who have taken the ACT or SAT and wish to improve their placement scores to enroll in a higher level than their test scores permit. Students should contact the MSU Testing Center at 858-3990 or visit to find more information regarding the COMPASS exam.

NOTE: Students may only be certified for face-to-face developmental math and English courses, if they can document a need for remediation in that subject by providing proof of a low math or English sub-scores on the ACT or SAT test or a COMPASS placement test result that directs the student to enroll in a developmental course. Students may not use VA education benefits for online versions of any developmental courses for any reason.


An individual’s branch of service may offer the College Fund (also known as a “kicker”) as part of an enlistment or reenlistment contract, or for other reasons they determine. The College Fund is an additional amount of money that increases an individual’s basic monthly benefit and is included in his or her VA payment.

Each service branch (not VA) determines who receives the College Fund and the amount received. It may be necessary to send VA a copy of your College Fund contract to ensure the correct amount is added to your monthly benefit. Typically, College Fund contracts are found within your enlistment contract. Contact your military unit or the National Archives to get a copy.