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Non-Degree Seeking Student Information

Students who enroll in courses, but do not wish to seek a degree may enroll as Undergraduate Non-Degree students. Students enrolling with this status are not eligible for federal financial aid and may not exceed a total of 12 semester hours of credit as Undergraduate Non-Degree students. Enrollment in courses beyond 12 semester hours will be contingent upon completion of all entrance requirements for new freshman or transfer students.

Application Process:

  • Online admission application - On the questions about Major/Program and Degree/Plan, indicated Non-Degree
    • $35 Application fee can be paid online while completing the online admission application or mail a check to:
      • Minot State University
        Enrollment Services
        500 University Avenue West
        Minot, ND 58707
    • Non-Degree Seeking Form - If you indicated Non-Degree as your Major/Program and Degree/Plan, this form is available while completing the admission application.
  • Immunization Record: Send a copy of your shot records showing two doses of M/M/R (M/M/R is the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccination) to the Student Health Center. Fax this directly to the Student Health Center at 701-858-3997! Do NOT send to any other department.
    • Students enrolled in only distance education courses and who have no plans to attend the university campus may have this requirement waived. Students born prior to 1957 will also not be required to show proof of immunization. An Immunization Record must be completed declaring one of these exceptions. Print out the form, complete the Self Reported Immunization Exceptions section, and return it.
    • Students who come to campus at a later time will be required to submit proof of immunization.

You will receive information from the Enrollment Services Office concerning your acceptance to MSU. If you have questions about the non-degree admission process, please contact the Enrollment Services Office at 701-858-3350 or 1-800-777-0750, extension 3350.

After you have been accepted to MSU, you must complete the following steps:

  • Set up your MSU email account. This is MANDATORY for online courses.
  • Claim Your Account for Campus Connection
  • Complete the Financial Obligation Agreement
    • Login to Campus Connection
    • In the Main Menu, select Student Center
    • Under the Finances section, select Financial Obligation Agreement
    • Enter Institution and Term
    • Click on Submit
    • Read the agreement and click on accept.
  • Registration will be completed through Campus Connection. Registration instructions can be found on the Registrar's Office web site.