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Department of Nursing

Strategic Priorities • 2015 - 2018

  1. Meet or exceed ACEN Accreditation Standards.
  2. Monitor student success through analysis of student learning outcomes, role-specific graduate competencies, graduate and employer satisfaction data, program completion rates and NCLEX first-time pass rates.
  3. Expand the integration of interprofessional education and quality simulation throughout the nursing program.
  4. Continue guaranteed freshman admissions to nursing program to the ND high school students.
  5. Support strategies to enhance interest in the MSU nursing program and increase the applicant pool.
  6. Provide global opportunities for nursing students on a biennial basis.
  7. Incorporate University General Education Foundational and Developmental Content graduation requirements and First Year Experience courses for students.
  8. Investigate accreditation options.
  9. Prepare for and complete ND BON site visit Spring 2016
  10. Prepare follow-up report for ACEN Fall 2016
  11. Investigate options to enhance recruitment and retention of qualified nursing faculty.
  12. Investigate options to increase student admission numbers in the nursing major.

Department of Nursing Organizational Chart