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Educating professional teachers has been part of Minot State University's mission since its founding in 1913. Through coursework and field experiences we help our graduates build the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors they need to deliver optimum learning experiences to their pupils.

Enrollment Services


Our approach
Education majors work in classrooms at multiple points during their studies at Minot State University. The opportunity to experience a variety of settings and different age groups helps broaden our students' understanding of human development and are key to the competence our students feel as they begin their practicums or student teaching.

Our learning environment
Housed in newly renovated Swain Hall, the Department of Teacher Education and Human Performance facilities feature:

  • Award-winning reading clinic
  • Spacious and inviting preschool, where students get teaching experience
  • Fully equipped pedagogy lab
  • Flexible classrooms to accommodate different modes of teaching and learning
  • Two atriums overlooking campus, where students can lounge, study or meet in small groups

Our college

  • Our College of Education and Health Sciences is internationally known for producing quality professionals and pre-professionals in education, human service and health science.
  • Our faculty members are sought after for their scholarly expertise and their contributions to the community.
  • Our education programs are accredited by the National Council for Accreditation for Teacher Education.

Is teaching right for you?
All education majors take the same core classes in classroom management, curriculum, planning and assessment, teaching diverse and exceptional learners, and child, adolescent and educational psychology. Elementary education majors take courses specific to that program. Middle school (grades 6-8) and secondary education (high school) majors have nearly 20 program areas from which to choose including.

Coursework and specializations
The Teacher Education and Human Performance Department is dedicated to delivering students the best possible education and the personal attention they need to succeed.

Required Coursework for all Teacher Education Majors

Specialized training
We offer a bachelor of science degree in intellectual and developmental disabilities, a deaf and hearing impaired minor, and other optional endorsements and credentials.

Admission requirements
Teacher education programs are selective. Admission requirements include:

  • Minimum GPA of 2.5 in general studies and education courses
  • 20 hours of documented, supervised activities with children
  • References from two former teachers and your department
  • Passing scores on pre-professional skills tests in reading, writing and math

The complete list of application requirements

More Information
To learn more, visit our Teacher Education and Human Performance Department web site. Better yet, schedule a campus visit so we can meet face-to-face and show you around.

Graduate studies
For those who want to further their studies, the Department of Teacher Education and Human Performance offers seven graduate degree programs:

  • Master of Arts in Teaching: Science
  • Master of Arts in Teaching: Mathematics
  • Master of Music Education
  • Master of Science in Communication Disorders
  • Master of Science in Special Education
  • Master of Science in Special Education
    • Deaf/Hard of Hearing
    • Specific Learning Disabilities
    • Special Education Strategist
    • School Psychology: Ed Specialist
  • Master of Education
    • Art
    • Business
    • Cognitive Science
    • Elementary/Middle School Mathematics
    • Elementary Education
    • English
    • Gifted and Talented
    • Human Performance
    • Physical Education
    • Kindergarten
    • Middle School Reading, Science, and Special Education

Contact Information
Dr. Erik Kana, Chair
Department of Teacher Education and Human Performance
Phone: 701-858-3028 or 1-800-777-0750 ext. 3028