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Ecclesiastes Elias

Home: Antigua and Barbuda; an island in the Caribbean.

Current major: Geology
Future career plans: To use my knowledge of Earth Sciences in effort to protect our environment as best as we can! I hope to gain work experience through the USGS someday and return to the Caribbean to start a change in environmental awareness!

Reason for joining Ambassadors: I mainly joined the organization in hopes of inspiring others to further their education. I am full-time student and mother with a diverse cultural background and lots of experience under my belt! I love connecting with people from all walks of life and believe sharing my personal stories can encourage others to reach for their goals no matter their circumstance.

Interesting fact about yourself: I'm a junkie for any type of physical activity! I've done everything from kickboxing, bodybuilding, track and field and volleyball to yoga and swimming!

Why should someone consider coming to MSU: I honestly think that MSU  will provide a great college experience for any student.The communities in both the city and University are so close-knit and friendly. Classes are small and professors are easily accessible to get as much help as you need. There's even so much going on with sports and activities that you'll never get bored, literally!  Last but definitely not least, tuition and cost of living is so affordable in Minot; students can actually get a degree without landing in major debt after graduating! What more can anyone ask for?