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Faith Babadi

Home: Nigeria

Current major: Biology

Future career plans: To be a medical doctor. I also plan be engaged in doctors without borders

Reason for joining ambassadors: I wanted to be interacting with new people and to be more engaged on campus. I wanted to work on stepping out of my comfort zone and improving on my shyness. I also love the responsibility that comes with being a student ambassador, I feel this will help me become a more responsible individual.

Favorite on campus: the library, not cause am a bookworm or anything but I like the serenity in it plus I think its really pretty and neat.

Interesting fact about yourself: I love Korean culture, music and food. Basically everything that has to do with Korea

Why should someone consider coming to MSU: The family atmosphere here is awesome. There is a lot support from the community, and there is such a rich culture in Minot and North Dakota. You also have access to your teachers and professors at all possible times, which is rare at larger schools.