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Disability Services

Alternate Format - E-Text Request Form

This online form is for students who are currently enrolled at Minot State University (MSU) and Dakota College at Bottineau (DCB) courses on the MSU campus. Students must also be registered with the Disability Services Office. If you have not signed up for alternate format text service, please call 701-858-3371 to schedule an appointment with Evelyn Klimpel, Coordinator of Disability Services.

Please allow up to 20 business days to receive E-Text for published material and up to 5 business days for all other material.


Request for: Fall   Spring   Summer

NOTE: For textbook information use the MSU Bookstore website:


Text 1

Text 2

Text 3

Text 4

  • I am enrolled at Minot State University or Dakota College at Bottineau courses on the MSU campus for the above classes.
  • I am qualified to receive text in alternate media format, according to my documentation.
  • I agree to uphold the confidentiality of the reading services offered through the Disability Service Office.
  • I agree that the alternate media I receive will be used solely for my own education purposes.
  • I will not copy or duplicate the alternate media for sale or distribution to any person.
  • I understand that I must return the loaned materials (RBD & D) at the end of the semester or a HOLD will be placed on my file.
  • I have purchased a copy of the text book.
  • I realize that failure to comply with this agreement may result in judicial action by DSO, the University and the Publisher.