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Spouse and Dependent Tuition Waiver Policy and Procedure.

Effective: August 1, 2005

The spouse and dependent children of benefited employees of Minot State University shall receive a 50% waiver of tuition using the criteria outlined below:

  1. This waiver covers tuition only and does not cover fees or books.
  2. Benefited employees who are the spouse or dependent child of another benefited employee are not eligible for this waiver.
  3. Students using this waiver are not eligible for additional financial aid awards through the MSU Awards Program.
  4. Spouses may earn one bachelors degree, one master’s degree, or up to 150 semester hours using this waiver.
  5. Each dependent may earn one bachelors degree or up to 150 semester hours using this waiver.
  6. The student must be accepted for admission to MSU and make satisfactory progress as outlined in the academic progress requirements.
  7. This tuition waiver is applicable to Distance Education courses normally offered by the Center for Extended Learning such as online, IVN, and correspondence.
  8. The student must request the waiver prior to the tuition payment deadline. (To request the waiver, the student must complete the “Scholarship and Awards Program Application” through the Financial Aid Office and identify him/herself as a spouse or dependent.)
  9. The employee must affirm the spousal/dependent relationship. (To affirm the relationship the employee must complete the “Spouse/Dependent Affirmation” form with the Human Resources office.)
  10. Any application for this waiver found to be fraudulent will cause the waiver to be void and the student will be charged the previously waived amount.

Please contact Dr. Marc Wachtfogel or Laurie Weber if you have questions concerning this policy.

Dr. Marc Wachtfogel
Director, Human Resources
Minot State University
701-858-4610 (office)
701-858-3686 (fax)