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Academic Advising

Testing Services

Advanced Placement (AP)
Students who took AP courses in high school and received a minimum score on the exams may receive college credit. Students must send their test scores directly from AP to Minot State University. For more information about AP courses and a listing of subject examinations with required scores for university credit, visit the Advanced Placement website. Students should visit with their academic advisor to discuss how AP courses may impact their program of study.

College Level Examination Program - CLEP
Students have the opportunity to take CLEP exams through the Center for Extended Learning at Minot State. Students should view MSU’s CLEP Website for a listing of available subject examinations, information on registering for a CLEP exam, and other useful information about CLEP examinations.

COMPASS Placement Exam
Students may be required or elect to take the COMPASS Placement Exam to determine which Mathematics and/or English course they are eligible to enroll in for the upcoming semester. The Math ACT/SAT subscore is used to assist with placement purposes; however, in some cases students will need to complete the COMPASS exam, as well. Students should visit with their academic advisor to determine if the COMPASS exam is necessary. To learn more about registering for the exam, to be aware of the retest policy, and to find available study materials, please visit the COMPASS website. The COMPASS exam is available year round by setting up an appointment with the MSU Testing Center, (701) 858-3830.

Students may contact the Testing Center at (701) 858-3830 for more information on AP, CLEP, and COMPASS exams.