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Academic Advising


Adding/Dropping/Waitlisting Courses
Adding - When adding courses, students should use the University’s web registration program, Campus Connection. When classes are closed or restricted, students must complete a Petition to Add Form. The necessary signatures and department stamp must be obtained before students take the form to the Registrar’s Office where the form will be processed. Students who wish to attempt 19-22 credits in a semester must meet a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and obtain a signature from the advisor and the division or department stamp on the Overload Approval Form. Once completed this form needs to be submitted to the Registrar’s Office to be processed. Classes may be added via CampusConnection through the seventh day of a regular (16-week) session in fall/spring semester. Students may add through the fourth day of summer semester or eight-week sessions. Students who wish to add after the deadline, must obtain approval from the instructor and the chair overseeing the course with a department/division stamp. The Petition to Add Form must be completed and turned in to the Registrar’s Office.

Dropping - Students can drop courses on CampusConnection according to specific published deadlines. All but the last course can be dropped on CampusConnection. Students who wish to withdraw from all courses must complete the Withdrawal Form. Students who drop any class after the seventh day of class in the fall or spring semester will receive a "W" on their transcript, indicating a withdrawal. Students can find the last day to drop each semester on the Academic Calendar. A grade of "W" is not calculated in the GPA. Students who fail to drop a course by the official "drop" date may apply for "late course drop" due to extenuating circumstances. Students should view the details for a late course drop in the Undergraduate Catalog. The Late Course Drop Request must be completed and turned in to the Registrar’s Office.

Waitlisting - Students may have the option to waitlist courses that are currently full. The waitlist feature allows for students to indicate an interest in a course that is presently full. When students are enrolling in courses in CampusConnection, they may check "ok to waitlist" if a course is full. The course will appear on schedules as "waiting" which indicates potential for enrollment, not actual enrollment. If a seat becomes available, the first eligible student on the waitlist will automatically be enrolled in the course provided that they are not already in a course at the same time or they are enrolled in the same class but at a different time. Students are responsible for checking their schedules in CampusConnection to see if the class has been added to their schedule. Students may sign up for multiple waitlists and will be dropped from other waitlists once added to a section. Students will not be added to a waitlist if already enrolled in a different section of the same course. Ranking of preferred section of waitlisted courses is not an option.

Campus Connection Instructions

New Student Orientation and Registration

Course Schedule Grid
A Course Schedule Grid [pdf] is available to students who are working to build their class schedule for the upcoming term. Using this grid may allow for an easier time building trial schedules.

Registration Holds
Students are encouraged to monitor the holds that are placed on their CampusConnection account, as many holds prevent registration. Students can view holds by logging in to CampusConnection, clicking on their Student Center, and holds will appear on the right side of the screen. It is important for students to click on the details link for each hold to determine the necessary steps and/or contact information needed to have the hold removed. Students are encouraged to take action to have holds removed well in advance of registration for the upcoming term.

Transfer Student Information