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Academic Affairs

Sabbatical Program

Background and Purpose: The purpose of Minot State University’s Faculty Sabbatical Program is to renew and embolden our faculty members as teachers and scholars. The award of a sabbatical is a privilege predicated on the faculty member’s record of positive contribution to the university. The granting of faculty sabbaticals is competitive and will be evaluated against clear criteria.

Application Timeline:
Second Friday in August Sabbatical appraisal reports from college dean to vice president for academic affairs
First Friday in September Completed application by faculty member submitted chairperson
Second Friday of September Chairperson forwards application with "Review by Chairperson" for recommendation to college dean
First Friday of October College peer review committee completes peer review identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the sabbatical application and forwards review to college dean
Second Friday of October College dean forwards application with "Review by College Dean" and recommendation to faculty senate sabbatical review committee
Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving break Faculty senate sabbatical review committee makes recommendations to university president
First Friday of December University president makes announcement of those receiving sabbatical for the next academic year